This is a handmade product. Although this soap uses natural products, a test patch is recommended on the inner arm. This is always recommended for any new product you may use. Please keep in mind that although the appearance of this product may vary slightly from batch to batch, the quality remains the same.


Below are the current options but if you have a preference for a scent let me know! 


1. Eucalyptus Mint & Vanilla Lavender Soap Bar - Made with a goat milk base, vitamin e oil, and real organic lavender petals.


2. Mango & Turmeric Massage Bar - Made with a Shea Butter light exfoliating base, vitamin e oil, and ground turmeric.


3. Honey & Oat Shea Butter MassageBar - Made with a Shea Butter and Honey soap base, raw organic honey, organic cut oats, and finished with a sparkle of gold mica powder.


Massage & Soap Bars

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